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Photo gallery from Record Store Day at Shuga Records, featuring: Lucille Furs, Max Loebman, Wilem Hurricane Simmons, Hair, The Evening Attraction, Joe Bordenaro, and Cooper Atwell Guncheon.


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a nice local feature: SOOPER! by Mae Vitali


SOOPER Records, an independent Chicago record label, made its debut in June of 2016 due to the efforts of Glenn Curran, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, and Steve Daoud. The idea for the label sparked in 2015 when Curran and Ogbonnaya were working on a project, Man Without A Head. The two realized they worked well together and shared mutual ambitions. “We talked about the prospect of having a common platform to release our music, and the music of our friends and community contemporaries. The more we discussed it, the more excited we became; the more we realized that we are part of a really talented, serious, and hardworking network of artists in Chicago.” explains Curran. In order to get the ball rolling for the more technical aspects, they called in a third party, Daoud, to help with design, branding, and web development.


SOOPER has served as a platform for artists and an accessible resource for supporters for almost a year now, and Curran describes the characteristics he seeks out for someone to join the label and collaborate with the team. “I look for originality, soul, and artistic integrity. It is important for me to listen to something and be able to immediately recognize it as a genuine expression of humanity.” The label also prioritizes local artists above all else. “Those artists were such a huge part of the inspiration to start the label in the first place, and they are central to the identity that we personally associate with SOOPER.” Earlier this past March, Nnamdi & SOOPER released DROOL, an inspired and comprehensive album made on a computer in his bedroom. “Probably in his underwear most of the time,” Curran jokes. “Eating snacks and getting crumbs all over his laptop and stuff. Making all kinds of weird noises.” While its reception has been phenomenal, Ogbonnaya aims to stay focused and motivated. “I think it’s a privilege to have anyone care about anything I do, so I definitely appreciate any love that is sent my way… I think the most important part for me is to keep on creating and challenging myself and others to progress and be better.”


This Sunday, April 30th, at Lincoln Hall, SOOPER is hosting an event to celebrate Ogbonnaya’s DROOL. In the spirit of the occasion, SOOPER Release Spectacular will be a double tape release event for Grill Billyenz’s FREAK and Thrash Kitten’s The Grape Tape. “The show is gonna be dope,” says Ogbonnaya. “It’s all artists I really enjoy… two of my good friends Grill Billyenz and Thrash Kitten are celebrating the release of projects at this show as well. I’ve been seeing them create music for years now and they are always a source of inspiration.” Also performing at the event will be Morimoto, Mother Nature, and MFn Melo. Curran says he hopes the show will be a “how did I not know about that artist until now,” kind of night. “I think that the amazing roster is going to bring together a few different audiences / arts communities from around the city, and I am excited about that.” Along with the eclectic lineup, there’s going to be boozy snow cones (courtesy of Lincoln Hall staff) and Bill Grapes is going to bring the juice. Who is Bill Grapes? What kind of juice will he bring? Stop by Lincoln Hall this Sunday at 7 to find out.


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Big thank you to Glenn Curran & Nnamdi Ogbonnaya for their time and cooperation.

Mae Vitali



Featured Local: TIM CURLEY, local music man and artist

Tim has played in a number of Chicago bands and music projects. Currently, he plays in Nowaday with Cole Johnson. The two also collaborate on commissioned and personal design work and website building. Tim’s website is:
2“I call this ‘Effort.’ It’s a 9×12 risograph print on tabloid paper (heavy3) of an iphone picture of a “digital collage” projected onto a curtain. The print has been scanned back into a digital image as a jpeg. Or png. I don’t remember. The intended effect was to blend the digital world with the tangible world. Beginning the process through a projection onto a somewhat gathered curtain is a way to create organic modulations, free of the computer’s helping hand. Using multiple mediums places me/you/(the)viewer in the middle of too much going on, making it difficult to figure out what the deal is. What’s the deal with this?” -T. Curely

Some March Horoscopes For Ya

It’s been quite the busy past few weeks but horoscopes are back! I’m sure you guys are going to need some new tunes to help process that March 12th full moon in Virgo, yikes! While you may have been overwhelmed by past traumas it is important to remember that full moons bring healing; Virgo intensifies this ability and the re-emergence was necessary for you to finally move forward.



Aries (March 20 – April 19)

Mars moved from Aries into Taurus on March 9th. Mars magnified your usual enthusiastic and persuasive nature so this transition into Taurus may have you left feeling a little drained of power. Not to worry though, Taurus will bring you a little more stability and structure especially in financial matters. Collect your bearings with Counting Crows’s 1996 Recovering the Satellites, and if that doesn’t do it for you perhaps Enya’s first album The Celts, a magical and exaggerated experience that Aries will love.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

You’re ruled by Venus, which recently began retrograde and won’t emerge until April 15th. Lucky for you Mars is in Taurus until April 21st, which will give you the much needed fire to fight through the obstacles the retrograde may throw you. You could use a boost from the new album Everybody Works by Oakland musician Jay Som. You’ll appreciate her drive, Melina Duterte wrote, played, recorded and produced every last bit- save a some of the backing vocals. This March 10th release was recorded in three weeks from her bedroom- immediately after touring and moving into a new appartment! She admits she drew lots of inspiration for the album from Carly Rae Jepsen’s E•MO•TION, the results are phenomenal.


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Dang look at you in the spotlight earlier this month! The Sun, Mercury and Neptune were all working for you in the 10th house (of social status and fame). Come by and celebrate your explosive success with psych rock album Volcano by Temples or pick up Ed Sheeran’s  – Divide for your dual personality.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Couple of surprises hit you this month, Cancer, possibly in your home or at work. All this unpredictable energy could have you frantic you need to Chill, Dummy (i’m sorry cancer, couldn’t help myself) It’s the January release from Minneapolis’ P.O.S and I promise you’ll LOVE it. Self critical, like cancers, with tracks like “Born a Snake” and closing with 9 minutes of dense emotion-packed “Sleepdrone/superposition” which includes rapping about his recent kidney transplant as well as the murders of Mike Brown and Eric Garner. This album defies genres and features artists such as Allan Kingdom, Astronautalis and Kathleen Hanna.
Leo (July 23- August 22)

The solar eclipse in Pisces kickstarted some action in your 8th house. While much of the 8th house is hidden and mysterious to us, we do know that part of it houses other people’s money. This means you could experience a windfall, living  In Glorious Times the next few months. Stop in and pick up the album from Oakland’s prog rock/metal group Sleepytime Gorilla Museum.


Virgo (August 23-Sept 22)

Saturn has been giving you some friction for a while in your home area, Virgo. Could be your landlord or an annoying roommate but either way, you are restless and need change. You’ll be dealing with this until December so chill out and try to work out the details. Remember that all difficult things will eventually be resolved so there’s no use in stressing too hard. Come in and grab The Magnetic Fields – 50 Song Memoir, each song chronicles one year for first 50 years of Stephin Merritt’s life, passing through all those years could give you some much needed perspective.


Libra (September 22- October 22)

The full moon in Virgo appeared in your twelfth house this month. The twelfth house rules secrets so you may have discovered some shocking news or had something revealed that you were not ready to share. Either way you hate when the scale is tipped, both in this case and in general with today’s mass injustices. Blanckmass is right there with you in the powerful new album World Eater. Benjamin John Power released a statement about the content including that “Maybe subconsciously [the album] was some kind of countermeasure to restore some personal balance,”


Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

Oh wow Scorpio. The Solar eclipse at the end of February has some very intense love coming for you. Effects of eclipses last half the year so expect to be completely swept off your feet before September. What better time to buy the much loved instant classic from Selena – Dreaming Of You. Incredible album that will melt your heart and prepare you to fall fast.


Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21)

Your job is highlighted this month, Sagittarius. The transition of Mars into Taurus brings some pep and determination into your workdays while this past full moon lit up your house of careers. You’re zoomin, and would enjoy the speedy Hot Thoughts, by Spoon, still warm off the press from its 3/17 release.
Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

You’ve been traveling non stop haven’t you, Capricorn! Welcome back and try to settle in, you’ll need to kick back a little for the Venus retrograde. Stay local for a bit with Max Loebman’s- Wild One, one of Shuga’s own, that will loosen up your default traditional nature.


Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

The past solar eclipse in Pisces was conjunct Neptune. While this brings you a boost of creativity you’re having some trouble seeing through Neptune’s muddy waters. If you are working collaboratively make sure to really specify what you want so nothing gets lost in translation. In the meantime come pick up The Shins’ 5th album – Heartworms. This past full moon is also known as the Worm moon, aka the start of spring, when the dirt softens to allow the return of the earthworms, so watch where ya step!


Pisces (February 19- March 20)

Well Pisces, it’s been a great two years of solar eclipses with ya, February 26th brought the last one in your sign for quite a long time. Great time to look back on all the great changes and improvements you have made during this time. It may be helpful for you work through these feelings with the album Closure by Swedish artist Adna. Passionate and melancholic songs such as “Hide me in Smoke” will speak to your 12th house ruling.