New Vinyl Releases 8/18/17

  • 311 – Greatest Hits ’93- ’03
  • Ariel Pink – Another Weekend / Ode to the Goat 7″ Single
  • Audioslave – S/T Debut
  • Beneath – Ephemeris
  • Calvin Harris – Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1
  • Johnny Cash – Greatest! (1959)
  • Cloakroom – Time Well (Ltd. to 1400)
  • Costin Chioreanu – There Is A Place Called Home
  • Cotillon – The Afternoons (Milky Clear Vinyl)
  • DJ Shadow – The Mountain Has Fallen EP
  • Paul Draper – Spooky Action
  • Ghostpoet – Dark Days + Canapes (Indie Exclusive on White Vinyl)
  • The Goastt aka The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger (Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl) – Lone Gone EP
  • Goldfinger – The Knife (1st Pressing on Colored Vinyl)
  • Gravetemple – Impassable Fears
  • Grizzly Bear – Painted Ruins
  • Haim – Something To Tell You
  • Horte – S/T debut
  • Ida – Will You Find Me (Ltd. to 2000)
  • Immortal – Damned In Black (2000)
  • Immortal – Blizzard Beasts (1997)
  • Interpol – Our Love to Admire (10 year Anniversary)
  • Mick Jagger – Gotta Get A Grip / England Lost
  • Kacy & Clayton – The Siren’s Song
  • k.d. lang – Ingenue (1992)
  • KMFDM – Hell Yeah
  • Lil Yachty – Teenage Emotions
  • Dent May – Across The Multiverse (Limited Ed. 1st Pressing on Butter Yellow Vinyl)
  • Mayhem – Live in Sarpsborg (1990)
  • Morbid Angel – Bledded Are The Sick (1991)
  • Randy Newman – Dark Matter
  • Rick Ashtray – Inc. EP (7″)
  • Nosound – A Sense of Loss
  • Pekko Kappi & K:H:H:L – Matilda
  • Porcupine Tree – voyage 34
  • Rainer Maria – S/T
  • Reverorum Ib Malacht – Ter Agios Numini
  • Terrorizer – World Downfall (1989)
  • Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation (Indie Exclusive on Orange and Bronze Swirl, Ltd. to 300)
  • UNKLE – The Road: Part 1
  • The Stills-Young Band – Long May You Run (1976)
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Rust Never Sleeps (1979)
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse – ive Rust (1979)
  • Neil Young – American Stars n’ Bars (1977)
  • Neil Young – Comes A Time (1978)

New Vinyl Releases 8/11/17


  • Alunah – Solennial (Limited Edition EU Gatefold)
  • …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead – Source Tags & Codes
  • Atriarch – Dead As Truth
  • Bonobo – One Offs, Remixes, & B-Sides
  • Johnny Cash – His Greatest Hits, Volume II (Translucent Blue Vinyl)
  • The Cribs – 24-7 Rock Star Shit (Ltd. Splattered Vinyl)
  • Digital Daggers – Close Your Eyes (Translucent Blue Vinyl, Ltd. to 500)
  • The Districts – Popular Manipulations (Indie exclusive on Orange Vinyl)
  • DJ Khaled – Grateful (Gold Vinyl)
  • Finnforest – Lahto Matkalle (1976)
  • Finnforest – S/T (1975) (Reissue on Green Vinyl)
  • Finnforest – Demonnights (1979)
  • Foster The People – Sacred Hearts Club
  • Incantation – Profane Nexus
  • Keane – Hopes and Fears
  • The Kooks – Inside In / Inside Out
  • The Kooks – Konk
  • Fela Ransome Kuti And Afrika 70 – na poi (1971) (Ltd. Edition Reissue on Clear Vinyl)
  • Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 – Everything Scatter (1975) (Ltd. Edition Reissue on Orange Vinyl)
  • Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 – Fear Not For Man (1977) (Ltd. Edition Reissue on Green Vinyl)
  • Fela Kuti & Afrika 70 – Alagbon Close (1974) (Ltd. Edition Reissue on Gold Vinyl)
  • Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 – Beasts Of No Nation (1989) (Ltd. Edition Reissue on White Vinyl)
  • Loviatar – S/T Debut (Gold & Black Swirl Ltd. to 300)
  • Live – Mental Jewelry (1991)
  • The Lurking Fear – Out Of The Voiceless
  • F. J. McMahon – Spirit Of The Golden Juice (1969)
  • Moral Void – Deprive (Silver Vinyl, Ltd. to 300)
  • No Use For A Name – Rarities Vol. 1
  • Poison Blood – S/T Debut (Oxblood Colored Vinyl)
  • Portugal The Man – Woodstock
  • Elvis Presley – S/T (Limited Edition Audiophile Anniversary Pressing on Translucent Blue Vinyl)
  • Prince – Pop Life (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Prince – Partyman (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Prince – Batdance (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Prince – I Wish U Heaven (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Prince – I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Prince – Sign “O” The Times (12″ Maxi-Single)
  • Lucy Rose – Something’s Changing
  • Luke Sital-Singh – Time Is A Riddle
  • Tall Friend – Safely Nobody’s
  • Teenage Bottlerocket – Goin’ Back To Wyo (7″)
  • Bryan Tyler / Soundtrack – Power Rangers (Original Motion Picture) (Standard and Indie Exclusive Versions available)
  • Various / Tyler Bates – The Belko Experiment (Original Motion Picture) (Clear Vinyl Dripped in Blood with Poster and Liner Notes)
  • Various / Tyler Bates – Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 (Deluxe 2LP)
  • Various – 13 Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series)
  • Venom Inc. – Ave (Indie Exclusive Gatefold 2LP on Brown w/ White Splatter, Ltd. to 300)

New Vinyl Releases 8/4/17


  • Gregg Allman- Southern Blood (Limited to 5000 Picture Disc)
  • Black Grape – Pop Voodoo
  • Tyler Childers – Purgatory
  • Childhood – Universal High (Colored Vinyl)
  • Coldplay –Kaleidoscope EP
  • Dead Cross – S/T (Limited edition gold or red/black swirl with Glow-in-the dark gatefold Jacket)
  • Def Leppard- Hysteria (30th Anniversary Remastered)
  • Hard Working Americans – We’re All In This Together (Limited to 1000)
  • Marty Friedman (formally of Megadeth ) –Wall Of Sound
  • Monk Parker – Crown Of Sparrows
  • Lal & Mike Waterson – Bright Phoebus
  • New Radicals – Maybe You’ve Been Brainwashed Too (First time on Vinyl)
  • Nice & Smooth – S/T (Reissue)
  • Omar – Love In Beats
  • Shintaro Sakamoto – Love If Possible
  • Soccer Mommy – Collection
  • Soundtrack – The Matrix (Limited to 1500)
  • Soundtrack/Marco Beltrami – Logan
  • Soundtrack/ James Horner – Braveheart
  • Violent Femmes – 2 Mics & The Truth:Unplugged & Unhinged in America
  • While She Sleeps – You Are We (‘Electric Blue and Black Splatter’ vinyl)
  • X-Ray Spex – Germefree Adolescents (Limited Edition Reissue on ‘Test Tube Blue Splatter’ vinyl)

A Chat With: Middle Kids

With its relatable narrative-style lyrics and addictive, blaring dance-around-your-room guitar riffs, it’s no wonder Middle Kids‘ song “Edge of Town” has racked up over 8 million Spotify plays. Fronted by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Hannah Joy, the Sydney based trio has been steadily picking up steam with their equally as catchy and relatable self-titled EP. Joy sings her stories with a sense of conviction and a hint of a twang, blurring the edges of the genres tagged to their music. In the middle of recording their debut full length album, which will undoubtedly expand on these existing themes, Joy and her bandmates Tim Fitz and Harry Day are taking a break to tour America, playing festivals and shows across the country. Before they hit Chicago next week, we talked to Joy about Elton John recommending their song, incorporating a banjo into their music, jet lag, and so much more! Tune in and get to know Middle Kids now.

Middle Kids
Photo Credit: Maclay Heriot


Rachel Zyzda: You’re in the middle of recording your debut album, and you’ve posted a bit on social media… that it will be all new material from the EP and you’re even putting banjo on some tracks! What else can you tell us about the new songs, and where did you find yourself drawing inspiration from?

Hannah Joy: Ha, yes the banjo does get a feature! It’s small but mighty. I’m really excited about the new songs, they are mostly quite intense. Sometimes I think I should chill out a bit, and I am trying, but I’m not sure how. There are some ballady, reflective moments though, so hopefully that will allow it to breathe some. A lot of the inspiration comes from my own experiences and stories I hear from friends. Musically though, many lines came actually from being on the tour and recording little sound bites on my phone.

RZ: How has the recording process been so far? Any fun studio stories?

HJ: The process has been pretty intense, we’ve built this album in a really piecemeal kind of way. We recorded drums up at this country house so we could play away into the night. And so much was recorded in Tim’s and my home, so for the last few months I have been living snaked in microphone chords and an endless stream of scraps of paper all through the house.

RZ: You’ll be taking a break from recording to come tour the states this summer, including some major festivals like Lollapalooza and Osheaga Music Festival. Which cities are you most excited to visit and play in?

HJ: We are so very keen to hit the road. I’m excited to be in Chicago in the summer because it’s so beautiful, but we were there in the winter last time. Super keen for ACL because we consistently have extremely good times in Texas. AND Atlanta because we are playing at a venue called Purgatory and that intrigues me.

RZ: Do you prefer playing festivals or smaller gigs, and why?

HJ: The smaller gigs are very special because it allows for a collective experience with us and the audience. But it is friggin fun to run around like a madman at a festival. But not really sure as to preference, they are both so good.

RZ: Have you gotten a chance to check out the lineups for the festivals you’re playing? Are there any acts that are on the top of your list to try to watch during the festivals?

HJ: YES. Broken Social Scene and Liam Gallagher at Osheaga, Chance and The Lemon Twigs at Lolla, gosh so many, can’t breathe.

RZ: Since you’re coming all the way from Sydney for this summer tour, what are some of your tips for staying entertained on long haul flights and how do you deal with jetlag?

HJ: OK I have learned to equip myself with many activities for entertainment. Some are: Yahtzee, crochet, cards (we like to play 500, black maria and go fish), UNO. I also got a Kindle, which I was resisting for a long time, but now I have embraced it and it is rocking my world.

RZ: Elton John added your music to his Beats 1 playlist, which I’m sure has got to be a career highlight, but what have been some other highlights since you released your debut single, “Edge of Town”?

HJ: I think touring has been the biggest highlight, I mean getting to travel to different parts of the world and connect with all different kinds of people is seriously amazing. Playing on Conan was very cool too because we don’t have television like that in Australia. We were wide eyed the whole time.

RZ: You recently covered “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House and “Fill In The Blank” by Car Seat Headrest. What was it about these songs that made you want to create your own version of them?

HJ: I liked these songs for different reasons – I love the melody of “Don’t Dream It’s Over”, it has sung to me for a very long time. “Fill in the Blank” is a special song in the way that it conveys existential angst, something I am very familiar with.

RZ: Any ideas on what your next cover song will be?

HJ: We cover songs all the time because why only play our songs when there are thousands better out there to play. But not sure what we will release next.

RZ: You’re one of our favorite new bands. Who are some of your favorite new acts?

HJ: Heh thank you. Some of my new favorites are a punk band from Ballarat called Good Boy, Andy Shauf is amazing…maybe not so new but still pretty fresh, The Lemon Twigs are tres cool.

Chicago, you have several chances to catch Middle Kids in August. In addition to a sold-out after show with Mac DeMarco at Concord Music Hall on August 5th, the trio will be performing in WKQX‘s Sound Lounge on August 1st. Finally, they’ll also be playing twice at Lollapalooza– once at the Pepsi Stage at 2:50 PM and again in the Toyota Music Den at 6PM on Thursday, August 3rd.

See all of Middle Kid’s upcoming tour dates hereand listen to their self-titled EP in full here.

This interview by Rachel Zyzda was originally posted on ANCHR Magazine. Read the post here

New Vinyl Releases 7/28/17



  • Alice Cooper – Paranormal (Indie Exclusive on Red Vinyl)
  • Arcade Fire – Everything Now (Night Version) (Blue Vinyl) and (Day Version) (Standard)
  • Atheist – Unquestionable Presence (1991) (Ultra Clear Vinyl, Ltd. to 200)
  • Atheist – Piece Of Time (1989) (Ultra Clear Vinyl, Ltd. to 200)
  • Byzantine – The Cicada Tree (2LP w/ Etched D-Side)
  • The Cars – Candy-O (1979) (2LP Expanded Edition Reissue w/ Etched D-Side and Unreleased Material)
  • Dua Lipa – Dua Lipa
  • Evergreen Terrace – Wolfbiker
  • Joe Henderson featuring Alice Coltrane – The Elements (1974)
  • Iron Maiden – En Vivo!
  • Iron Maiden – Flight 666
  • Iron Maiden – Death On The Road
  • Juillette Johnson – All I Ever See In You Is Me
  • The Kinks – One For The Road (Ltd. Ed. Anniversary Pressing on Pink Vinyl w/ Poster)
  • Diana Krall – The Very Best Of
  • The La’s – The La’s (1990)
  • Manchester Orchestra – A Black Mile To The Surface (2LP W/ Etched D-Side)
  • Martin Rev – Demolition 9
  • James Vincent McMorrow – True Care
  • Kate Nash – Made Of Bricks
  • Pet Shop Boys – Nightlife (1999)
  • Pet Shop Boys – Fundamental
  • Rings Of Saturn – Ultu Ulla (Indie Exclusive on Solid Yellow Vinyl, Ltd. to 300)
  • Rise Against – Wolves
  • Saint Vitus – Lillie: F-65 (Ultra Clear Vinyl, Ltd. to 250)
  • Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra – The Magic City (1966)
  • Tradition – Captain Ganja And The Space Patrol (1980)
  • Umphrey’s McGee – Hall of Fame: Class of 2016 (Orange Vinyl)
  • Various – The Rough Guide To bottleneck Blues
  • Various – The Rough Guide To Blues Women
  • Various – Big Little Lies (Music From The HBO Limited Series)
  • Various – Late Night Tales: BadBadNotGood (2-LP Compilation of influential tracks from their personal record collections)
  • Wolfheart – Winterborn
  • Brenton Wood – Baby You Got It (1967)
  • Brenton Wood – Oogum Boogum (1967)