Friday New Vinyl Releases 5/25/18

  • Amorphis – Queen Of Time (Limited Edition on Red with Black Splatter Vinyl)
  • Big Ups – Two Parts Together (EU Pressing)
  • Bjork – Arisen My Senses (12″ Single on ‘Slug Genital’ Colored Vinyl)
  • Blouse – Blouse (10th Anniversary Reissue on Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl, Limited to 500)
  • The Casket Lottery – Survival Is For Cowards (Limited Edition Reissue on Blood Red Vinyl)
  • Chvrches – Love Is Dead (180gram Indie Exclusive on Translucent Clear Vinyl)
  • Dawn Ray’d – The Unlawful Assembly (Limited Edition on Silver Vinyl)
  • Deeper – Deeper (Shuga Records Exclusive on White Vinyl) and Cassette Tape
  • Destroyer – City Of Daughters (1998) (Limited Edition 1st Pressing on Red Vinyl)
  • Destroyer – Thief (1999) (Limited Edition Reissue on ‘Orange Creamsicle’ Vinyl)
  • Graveyard – Peace (Yellow with Black Splatter Vinyl, Limited to 500)
  • Hoobastank – Push Pull
  • Jenny Hval – The Long Sleep (limited Edition on Purple Vinyl)
  • The Love-Birds – In The Lover’s Corner (Limited Edition on ‘Grass Green’ Vinyl)
  • Micawber – Beyond The Reach Of Flame
  • Numb. er – Goodbye
  • Numero Group – Periodical Numerica Vol. 1 – The Exotica Issue (Limited to 1000)
  • Chris Orrick – Portraits
  • Ocean Alley – Chiaroscuro (Transparent Blue Vinyl with Foil Cover)
  • Overkill – Feel The Fire (Live In Overhausen Vol. 2) (Limited Edition on Green with Orange and Yellow Splatter Vinyl)
  • Pedro The Lion – It’s Hard To Find A Friend (1998) (Limited Edition Indie Exclusive Reissue on Clear Vinyl)
  • Elvis Presley – On Stage : February 1970 (180gram Black & Blue Swirl Vinyl)
  • Prince – Nothing Compares 2 U (Limited Edition Reissue 7″ with Silver Foil Sleeve)
  • Joshua Redman (feat. Ron Miles, Scott Coley & Brian Blade) – Still Dreaming
  • Skating Polly – The Make It All Show (180gram Splatter Vinyl)
  • Soccer Mommy – Clean (Indie Exclusive on Coke Bottle Green Vinyl, Limited to 500)
  • Sting & Shaggy – 44/876
  • Stone Temple Pilots – Stone Temple Pilots
  • Split Cranium – I’m The Devil And I’m OK (Red Vinyl)
  • Tracyanne & Danny – Tracyanne & Danny (‘Peak Vinyl’ Limited Edition on Red Vinyl with Bonus 7″)
  • Various – Technicolor Paradise : Rhum Rhapsodies & Other Exotic Delights (3 Lp Compilation Box Set)
  • Various Artists – Outer Himmilayan Presents (Sacred Bones Compilation)
  • Wallows – Spring EP (Pink & Green Vinyl)
  • Wand – Perfume EP
  • Wooden Shjips – V. (Indie Exclusive on Blue Vinyl)

Live Recap: Post Animal Plays a Rowdy Record Release Show to a Packed Lincoln Hall

At almost every concert you go to, there’s a sort of unspoken bond amongst audience members; a mutual love of music and an interest in the particular band performing that can take strangers, put them into a cramped room, and turn them into friends by the end of the night. At Post Animal’s album release show on Friday night, the room buzzed with an electrifying sense of camaraderie from the second the doors to Lincoln Hall opened. For many in the audience, they had already formed friendships with one another, due to the supportive nature of the Chicago music scene, and the show that would follow would only bring that community even closer.

Like most Chicago bands that have begun to garner attention nationally, and even internationally, during the last couple of years, Post Animal got their start playing DIY shows in basements and gritty locations around the city before eventually working their way up to headlining slots at the likes of The Hideout, The Empty Bottle, and The Subterranean. Headlining a sold out show at Lincoln Hall sits towards the top of many bands’ bucket lists in the city, so when Post Animal made their way up to checking this feat off their list, they made sure to put together a special show for the 500 lucky audience members that scored tickets to the gig.


First, they had some of the freshest local (and soon-to-be local) talent warm up the stage for them, with Rookie kicking off the night. Although they’re a new project and just released a debut single last week, Chicago music scene veterans Joe Bordenaro and Max Loebman act as the group’s leaders, working together on new music and revamping music from their past projects. Their experience of playing music for years in other projects gives them a commanding stage presence and sense of chemistry as bandmates that you rarely see in a new band. By the time Rookie’s set had finished, most of the room had already filled in, and anyone who had started the night unaware of Rookie had quickly been converted to a new fan after witnessing their live show.

Next up, Slow Pulp mesmerized the packed house with their dreamy mix of psychedelic, pop, and punk tones for the next 45 minutes. Hailing from Madison, Slow Pulp will soon be making a permanent move down to Chicago, and the audience response on Friday confirmed that they will be welcomed with open arms once they make the move later this year. The crowd gave the band their undivided attention as they played through songs from their self-produced and released EP2, which is actually the band’s first release since the addition of lead singer Emily Massey. The audience sang along with Massey throughout the show, especially during “Preoccupied,” which has stacked up close to 200,000 streams on Spotify.


Eventually the time came for Post Animal to hit the stage, and the current of energy that had been surging through the venue was further intensified when the opening riffs of “Gelatin Mode” rang out into the room. Although they’ve been playing the song live for months, the band had only recently released the track as a single with an accompanying, must-watch music video, and it acted as the perfect kickstart to the rowdy evening that would follow. Of course, no Post Animal show would be complete without a little (or a lot of) crowd surfing and moshing, and “Gelatin Mode” set the tone for a wild night when the crowd immediately started thrashing around to the fast-paced song.

Another new single from When I Think Of You In A Castle, “Tire Eyes,” followed, only slightly slowing down the pace. The exuberance of the crowd remained intact however, never wavering as the setlist weaved between songs featuring in-your-face guitar solos, like “Special Moment” and “Victory Lap: Danger Zone,” and more mellow, winding psychedelic-tinged tracks like “Castle.” The band did a great job of strategically plotting the placement of each song in the setlist, allowing for the audience fully appreciate the diverse texture and sonic diversity of not only their newest material, but some old favorites from their first two EPs. To assist with the flow of the set, the band even worked out more elaborate and refreshed transitions between songs, adding another layer to the new songs that fans can’t experience from just listening to the record.


After playing through the majority of When I Think Of You In A Castle and staples like “Alabaster” and “You Were Not There” from their earlier catalog, Post Animal closed the first part of their set with their viral track “When I Get Home,” which has always proved to be a crowd favorite with its grooving bass line and sweeping melody. At this point in the night, the room was overflowing with positive vibes, and the crowd had already been potentially the rowdiest that the Lincoln Park concert hall has ever hosted, but things only got crazier during the encore.

Cadien Lake James from Twin Peaks first took the stage with a bottle of champagne in hand to get the audience hyped for Post Animal’s return, further demonstrating the supportive nature of the city’s music scene. After the warm introduction, the band eased the audience into the final part of their set by kicking things off with “Goggles” from their 2015 EP Post Animal Perform The Most Curious Water Activities, but when they transitioned into “Dirtpicker,” it was no holds barred for the remainder of the show. The song anchors out their new album, but it has been the hype song of their live show for a while now, always riling up the crowd with its infectiously catchy riffs. The amiable spirits of the crowd peaked during this last song as everyone exerted their final ounces of energy, working to lift each other up to crowd surf or have one last go at moshing.

By the time Post Animal walked offstage on Friday night, it was clear to everyone in the crowd that they had just witnessed a very special moment (pun intended) and while this show marked a landmark achievement for the band, it’s truly only the beginning for them. You can catch Post Animal on a headlining national tour throughout the summer, with select shows featuring Slow Pulp or fellow Chicagoans Paul Cherry and Town Criers. The summer tour includes appearances at legendary festivals like Shaky Knees, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza (Chicago, catch them at Lolla on Friday, August 3rd). See the rest of their tour dates here, and snag a copy of When I Think Of You In A Castle  here.

More photos of Rookie, Slow Pulp, and Post Animal at Lincoln Hall on April 27th, 2018


This article was originally posted on ANCHR Magazine

New Vinyl Releases 3/9/18

  • A Perfect Circle – The Doomed / Disillusioned 10″ (LE Single-Sided White Vinyl With Screen Printed B-Side)
  • Acid Dad – Acid Dad (LE on Clear Electric Blue Vinyl)
  • Liza Anne – Fine But Dying (Arts & Crafts Pressing with Poster)
  • Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction (1994) (LE Reissue on ‘Opaque Grey’ Vinyl)
  • Ken Boothe – Freedom Street (1970) (Newly Remastered Pressing On ‘Grey Asphalt’ Vinyl- Limited to 700)
  • Luke Bryan – What Makes You Country (2Lp)
  • David Byrne – American Utopia
  • Harms Way – Posthuman (White Vinyl)
  • Albert Hammond Jr. (The Strokes) – Francis Trouble Vol. 1
  • Jimi Hendrix – Both Sides Of The Sky (Deluxe 180gram 2Lp)
  • Milt Jackson & John Coltrane – Bags & Trane (1961) (180gram 2Lp Reissue- Remastered From Original Analog Tapes)
  • Kreator – Cause For Conflict (1995) (2Lp Reissue on Colored Vinyl)
  • Langley Schools Music Project – Innocence & Despair (2Lp Reissue of Rare 70’s LPs)
  • Jeremy Messersmith – Late Stage Capitalism
  • Majeure (A.E. Paterra of Zombi) – Timespan Redux (LE Remaster on ‘Clear With Transparent Blue’ Vinyl)
  • Ministry – Amerikkkant (LE ‘Red/Black Swirl’ Vinyl)
  • Morbid Angel – Formulas Fatal To The Flesh (1998) (2Lp Reissue)
  • Nap Eyes – I’m Bad Now (Pink Vinyl- Limited to 600)
  • N.E.R.D. – No One Ever Really Dies (150gram in Die Cut Jacket)
  • Of Montreal – White Is Relic / Irrealis Mood (180gram on Cyan Colored Vinyl)
  • Oneida – Romance (Indie Exclusive 2LpImport on Red Vinyl)
  • The Promise Ring – 30° Everywhere (1996) (LE Clear Vinyl Reissue)
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Tearing At the Seams (Deluxe Edition 2Lp 180gram with Picture Book, and Bonus 7″)
  • Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – Tearing At the Seams (180gram 2Lp)
  • The Skull Eclipses – S/T (LE Pressing)
  • Teenage Wrist – Chrome Neon Jesus
  • Various Artists – Lady And The Tramp (LE Picture Disc)
  • Various Artists – Memphis Rent Party (Indie Exclusive Comp. on ‘Rent Money Green’ Vinyl)
  • Tom Waits – Closing Time (1973) (Anti-Remastered 180gram Pressing)

American Grizzly – Instore Insight

Words and Photos By Alicia Maciel 

Good ole’ fashioned rock n roll band American Grizzly performed in-store Friday, October 6. From sharing a few beers together to talking about shows going on the same night, the Southsiders put on a cozy show that drew a lot of people in. With Matt Ladd on vocals, Jack Doyle and Dennis Wilson on guitars, Marty Funk on bass, and Anthony Perez on drums, American Grizzly is a fantastic local act worth listening to.

While “Love Somebody Else” is my pick from their noise rock twist on American folk music, I chatted with Dennis, Marty, and Jack to learn some more about the band.

How did you choose your band name?

Marty: I was listening to a My Morning Jacket album I just picked up called It Still Moves right around the time we first started playing together 3 or 4 years ago. I was listening to the record and admiring the album art, which has this really groovy bear wrapped in tinsel with geometric patterns all around the front and back covers and the name “American Grizzly” came to mind. We were throwing around band names at that time and I suggested American Grizzly and it kinda just stuck.    

Are you guys actually local? If so, what neighborhood are you from?

Dennis: We’re all local. We’re all originally from the Southwest Side and have been living in different neighborhoods throughout the city for a while. Our studio’s in Pilsen.

How did you guys get to know one another?

Dennis: We all met through a mutual friend group. Marty and I grew up down the street from each other and have been playing music together since 7th or 8th grade. Jack and I kind of knew each other from mutual friends then I saw him play some Black Keys songs at an open mic and called him up to jam a few days later (7 or so years ago). Jack knew Matt and Anthony from some other bands they played in. Once we all got together,  we realized how many friends we all had in common. It felt very natural for us all to hang out.

What gear do you have? If any of you are gear heads, what does your gear mean to you?

Dennis: Marty plays an Epiphone Thunderbird bass that looks super cool and always gets compliments on how it sounds. He’s currently in the market for a Fender Mustang bass. Jack plays a Fender Stratocaster and, on special occasions, Telecaster and has a few different Fender amps he plays (shoutout to his Fender Champion 600 which is a small tube amp that’s too small to gig with but sounds amazing). He also has a Waterloo acoustic that you’ll hear a lot on the next EP. I play a Gibson ES 390 hollow body electric guitar through a Vox amp. I also have a Musicvox Space Cadet 12 string electric guitar that’s made its way onto a few recordings and a Gretsch lap steel for when a bit of twang is required. Anthony will use anything he can get his hands on for drums/percussion. He once recorded a steak knife on a metal mesh screen and it was exactly the sound we were looking for. Matt has the good fortune of his instrument being his voice – pure and simple. I look at a nice instrument like a work of art. They’re so cool looking and have such personality. At least with guitars, the way they look and feel definitely influence how you play them.

What do you think about Chicago’s music scene?

Marty: Chicago has a great scene and a lot of cool venues and house shows to either play or catch a show. Since we moved into our studio in Pilsen a couple years ago, we’ve been catching a lot of shows at Thalia Hall and have been itching to play there.

If you can describe your music (genre, tone, etc.), how would you describe it?

Jack: The American Grizzly sound in most simple terms is good old fashioned rock ‘n’ roll, which gives us the luxury of pulling from a lot of different genres. Some of our tunes have heavy blues roots and others have a southern rock and/or country vibe. American Grizzly changes shape from show to show and album to album . We play folk songs, noise rock and pop tunes. We don’t really have a predetermined sound, so we can pretty much explore any area of music we want at any given moment and regularly do.

What’s your favorite song you’ve composed so far?

Jack: Favorite song we’ve composed so far is probably “Big City” because we got to collaborate with some awesome horn players and a great keyboard player here in Chicago. The song has a lot of energy and we enjoy playing it and listening to it. Anthony crashed his van the first time he heard the recording. That being said, our first album was recorded in Nashville, so any one of those songs could also take this slot.

Are you working on new music or touring soon?

Jack: We are going into the studio October 22nd to record a new EP. We are very excited. We are going to practice restraint.

What are your favorite Chicago bands?

Marty: We’ve all been diggin’ Lucille Furs album they put out a few weeks ago.

What are your influences?

Petty, Neil, Hendrix, Dylan, The Band, Auerbach, Aretha, Jim James, Dylan, Garcia, Petty, Lennon, Mic, Keith, Ray Charles, Natural Child, Brian Wilson, Allman Bros.,Freddie King, Jeff Tweedy, Pete Townshend, Clarence Carter, Denney and the Jets, John Prine, Stevie Wonder.

With their upcoming shows consisting of Lincoln Hall on November 2 and opening for Third Eye Blind December 1 at 115 Bourbon Street, make sure to catch American Grizzly before they hibernate in the studio to work on another EP.

Alicia Maciel is a junior at DePaul University studying marketing, music business, public relations, and advertising. Immersing in photography, promotion, interviews, interning at Metro and Notion Presents, managing The Chicago Vibe, curating live music, and plenty more – she hopes to bring innovation to the music scene. “A Chicagoan gal making music personnel personal.”

Engine Summer – Revved Up

Words and Photos By Alicia Maciel 

At first listen, up and coming Elmhurst trio Engine Summer resonates rock music like that of Parquet Courts, Omni, and their biggest inspiration – Wire.

With a name that appears to have come from a mad lib, it turns out that the band got their name from a novel titled Engine Summer. As Jeremy Marsan, guitarist and vocalist, read the book in college and was fascinated by the plot line of society 3,000 years into the future – it’s no wonder he chose a band name that emphasizes the importance of time and motion.


Engine Summer’s most recent lineup consists of Jeremy (mentioned above) with Ben Kostecki on bass and Ryan Ohm on drums. Being friends since high school with the possibility of being MySpace enemies at one point or another, they’ve all grown closer over the past few years. While Jeremy makes fun at Ben for his hands being “too small” to play bass way back when to simply goofing off with one another, the guys are more than ecstatic to be in a band together.

The group formed collectively after having had jammed for a while and narrowed down members to be the trio they are today. Starting to have played plenty of shows in 2014 and having had played 30-40 shows to date, they finally decided it’s time to make a record together as Engine Summer – titled Trophy Kids and self-engineered by Jeremy.


While garnering influence from bands like Creedence Clearwater, Sonic Youth, Meat Puppets, Spoon, and any other krautrock bands – Jeremy, Ben, and Ryan bring some of those stylistic elements when composing songs. Recording the bass and drums together for their upcoming album release ensured that the rhythm carrying each track would bring adrenaline to any listener.

Attending concerts regularly and being active in the local scene is important for the suburban group. With their favorite local bands including Luke Henry, Twin Peaks, and Knox Fortune – it’s obvious that their taste delves into more than just rock music.

When asked what their ideal lineup would be, throwing names like Wire,Van Halen, Iggy Pop, and Ben’s dad performing slam poetry were no hesitation to the guys. While some merch they have coming out will include Elmhurst’s tree, you’ll see Engine Summer in the city more than you’d expect.


With a top-secret release show followed by a benefit show at Tonic Room the same weekend, Engine Summer is bringing a limited run to their show Sunday, October 29. You can buy tickets here and who knows – maybe a record or two will end up at Shuga.

If Ben’s dad loves Engine Summer more than any of the other groups he’s been in, I’m pretty sure you’ll love ‘em too.

Alicia Maciel is a junior at DePaul University studying marketing, music business, public relations, and advertising. Immersing in photography, promotion, interviews, interning at Metro and Notion Presents, managing The Chicago Vibe, curating live music, and plenty more – she hopes to bring innovation to the music scene. “A Chicagoan gal making music personnel personal.”