New Vinyl Releases 7/27/18


  • Above & Beyond – Common Ground
  • The Album Leaf – The Endless (Original Motion Picture) (‘Blue and Black Starburst’ Colored Vinyl)
  • Astronauts, etc. – Living In Symbol
  • Atmosphere – Sad Clown Bad Year #9-#12 Collection (Half Black & Half White vinyl with Activity Book and Crayons)
  • Baby Dodds Trio – Jazz A’La Creole (Transparent Blue vinyl)
  • Bellini – Before The Day Has Gone (Transparent Red vinyl)
  • Bona Dish – The Zaragoza Tapes 1981-1982 (Pink vinyl, Limited to 500!)
  • Breathe Panel – Breathe Panel
  • Charge It To The Game – House with a Pool
  • Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ – Too Late to Turn Back Now! (1997)
  • The Flaming Lips – Hear It Is (1986)
  • The Flaming Lips – Oh My Gawd!!! …The Flaming Lips (1987)
  • The Flaming Lips – Telepathic Surgery (1989)
  • The Germs – GI (1979) (Limited ‘Record Store Crawl’ Edition on Blue Vinyl)
  • Woody Guthrie – Struggle (Reissue)
  • Jefferson Airplane – Surrealistic Pillow (1967) (180gram Reissue on Pink Vinyl)
  • Kali Uchis – Isolation (180gram EU Pressing)
  • Lightnin’ Hopkins – Lightnin’ Hopkins (Reissue)
  • The Longshot (Billie Joe Armstrong) – Love Is For Losers
  • Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66 – Greatest Hits (Reissue Compilation)
  • Migos – Culture II (3 Lp with Tri-fold Jacket)
  • The Moody Blues – Threshold of A Dream (1969) (180gram Reissue)
  • The Moody Blues – A Question of Balance (1970) (180gram Reissue)
  • The Moody Blues – Every Good Boy Deserves Favour (1971) (180gram Reissue)
  • The Moody Blues – Seventh Sojourn (1972) (180gram Reissue)
  • The Moody Blues – Octave (1978) (180gram Reissue)
  • The Moody Blues – Long Distance Voyager (1981) (180gram Reissue)
  • Otep – KULT 45 (Splatter Vinyl)
  • The Promise Ring – Very Emergency (1999) (Limited Edition Reissue on Clear Vinyl)
  • Rise Against – The Ghost Note Symphonies, Vol. 1
  • The Scientists – Weird Love (1987)
  • Howard Shore – The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers The Complete Recordings (Limited Edition 5 Lp Box Set)
  • Thin Lips – Chosen Family
  • Thou – Rhea Sylvia
  • U2 – The Best of 1980-1990 (180gram Reissue Compilation)
  • U2 – Achtung Baby (1991) (180gram Reissue)
  • U2 – Zooropa (1993) (180gram Reissue)
  • Underworld & Iggy Pop – Teatime Dub Encounters (Limited Edition on Clear Vinyl)
  • Kanye West – Ye
  • Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed & Delivered
  • Yoke Lore – Absolutes (10″ EP)

New Vinyl Releases 7/13/18

  • Eric B. & Rakim – Paid In Full (1987)
  • Eric B. & Rakim – Follow The Leader (1988)
  • Eric B. & Rakim – Let The Rhythm Hit ‘Em (1990)
  • Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique (1992)
  • Rayland Baxter – Wide Awake (Limited Edition on Orange Vinyl)
  • Birds In A Row – We Already Lost The World (Indie Exclusive on Colored Vinyl)
  • Ben Folds Five – The Conplete Sessions at West 54th (1997) (Translucent Blue Vinyl, Limited to 1000)
  • Chelsea Grin – Eternal Nightmare (Limited First Pressing on Colored Vinyl)
  • Mikaela Davis – Delivery
  • Beak> – Beak> (Limited Reissue with Gatefold Jacket)
  • Beak> – >> (Limited Reissue with Gatefold)
  • Between The Buried and Me – Automata II (Limited Edition on Transparent Purple Vinyl)
  • Chastity – Death Lust
  • Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love (Indie Exclusive on Colored Vinyl)
  • Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love
  • Bob Dylan & The Grateful Dead – Dylan & The Dead (Non-RSD Reissue)
  • Jim Gaffigan – Noble Ape (Limited Edition Picture Disc)
  • The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound Sessions (Compilation of Demos & B-Sides)
  • The Grateful Dead – Anthem Of The Sun (50th Anniversary Picture Disc)
  • Hopesfall – Arbiter (Limited Edition on ‘Pink with Black Center’ Vinyl)
  • Indigo Girls – Live With The University of Colorado Symphony Orchestra (Translucent Blue Vinyl with Tri-Fold Jacket, Limited to 1500)
  • Jason Isbell – Sirens Of The Ditch (Deluxe Edition 180gram with Gatefold and Download)
  • Ursula K. Le Guin & Todd Barton – Music And Poetry Of The Kesh
  • Lil Yachty – Lil Boat 2
  • Willie Nelson – Things To Remember: The Pamper Demos (Red Vinyl, Limited to 1000)
  • The Ophelias – Almost (Limited Edition on ‘Glass Clear’ Vinyl)
  • The Orb – No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds (Indie Exclusive on Blue Vinyl)
  • Pedro The Lion – The Only Reason I Feel Secure (Limited Edition Reissue on Clear Vinyl)
  • The Rolling Stones – From The Vault: No Security San Jose ’99 (Limited Edition 3 Lp on Colored Vinyl)
  • Slightly Stoopid – Everyday Life, Everyday People
  • Marco Beltrami – Hellboy (Original 2004 Motion Picture) (First Pressing on Red Vinyl)
  •  Alan Silvestri – Ready Player One (Original Motion Picture)
  • Carl Stone – Electronic Music From The Eighties and Nineties (Compilation with Gatefold Jacket, Liner Notes and Download)
  • Various – Chicago (Music From The 2002 Motion Picture) (Black ‘N Gold Vinyl, Limited to 1500)
  • Various – Outlaws & Armadillos: Country’s Roaring ’70s Vol. 1 (Country Music Hall of Fame Compilation)
  • Various – Road House (Original Motion Picture) (Repressing, Limited to 500)
  • Tom Waits – Foreign Affairs (1977)

A Chat With: Matt Maeson

Considering he grew up playing music in prisons and at biker rallies with his parents, you could say singer songwriter Matt Maeson has quite the interesting backstory…But ultimately, it’s his dynamic vocals, piercing lyrics, and knack for storytelling that hooks listeners and fosters the growing buzz surrounding his music. With millions of streams racking up on Spotify and appearances booked at major festivals around the country, the momentum surrounding Maeson just keeps building, and he hasn’t even released a debut full length yet.

The music Maeson has released so far remains sonically multifaceted, with each song on his two EPs having a distinct sound of their own. Most of his songs tend to cover serious subject matters, but to juxtapose the heaviness that comes with some of his music, Maeson keeps the mood lighthearted on his social media, often cracking jokes on his Twitter. (Go follow him if you’re not already, trust me.) That same personality transfers over to his live show, so if you’re heading to Lolla this year, make sure you catch Matt Maeson on Friday, 8/3 at noon…but first get to know him a bit better. I recently caught up with him after his set at Bonnaroo last month, talking his favorite festival moments, his love of Chicago food, Johnny Cash selfies and more.

 Photo Credit: Matthew Reamer
Photo Credit: Matthew Reamer

So I know you grew up with a musical family, but when do you remember wanting to start making music on your own?

I was, like you said, raised in a very musical family, so from the time I was able to consciously receive music, I loved it. I started on drums when I was really young. I was like 3 or 4 and my uncle passed away and he left me a drum set. I just drummed away until I was 13 or 14 and then I picked up a guitar around 15, and that’s when I started writing songs. My dad would teach me chords. So 15, around that age was when I started writing, and I started performing live when I was 17. The rest is history.

When you started performing live, is there anyone you looked up to, or whose stage presence you admired?

That’s tough cause there’s different aspects. Vocals, Britney Howard from Alabama Shakes is insanely talented. Jeff Buckley is one of my all time favorite artists. Then Manchester Orchestra is a huge one for me.

Oh were you around yesterday when they played?

No I wasn’t I missed it! I missed them at Bottle Rock when they played the day after.

Oh no! One day you’ll get to see them! Anyone else who inspires you?

I love Johnny Cash. I love the way he performs… and I played in a lot of prisons growing up.

I caught your set earlier and before you played “Cringe” you said “This is the one everyone has been waiting for.” How does that feel since releasing that song to have such a viral response to it? What has been a highlight?

It’s sick! “Cringe” is my most streamed song so I know every show that’s what everyone wants to hear. I’d say that the really dope thing was I played this show at The Hawthorne in Portland, Oregon. That was the first show that I ever heard people singing the lyrics with me, and that was to “Cringe.”

Then you just mentioned you played Bottle Rock, you’re playing ‘Roo now, then playing Forecastle and Lolla too. What is your favorite festival moment and your worst festival experience that you’ve ever had?

I’d say my favorite festival moment would probably be the time I played this festival in Houston called In Bloom. It’s a smaller one, but it was my first festival. My girlfriend was there, I just played solo acoustic. And people were singing along. It was just the first big crowd at a festival I saw and played in front of. The least favorite was I went to this festival called Beach Goth in Orange County. It’s cool and the line up was amazing…it had three of my favorite artists; King Krule, James Blake, and Bon Iver were all headlining. The stages were so close together and it was so packed that if you were trying to see King Krule you were hearing like TLC play. And then if you were trying to see Bon Iver you heard this, and there was just so many people that I was like I don’t want to see any of my favorite artists like this. I’d rather wait to catch them in smaller shows.

What made you come up with the idea to release stripped versions of songs like “The Hearse” and “Cringe”?

[It was] mainly cause this is my first tour doing a full band thing. So everything before that was just acoustic. So that’s what people who have seen me live have grown to love. That’s when I think the songwriting really shines, when there’s not all this big production behind it, but it’s just this simple thing where people can really focus on the melody and lyrics. We put a couple out and people loved it.

My mom loves the stripped version of “Cringe!”

Yeah that song is streaming extremely well! It’s streaming better than the regular one.

What about new music? Are you working on that on the road at all or just focusing on touring these songs?

I mean, both. I don’t really try and force myself to write too often because I think that’s when the writing feels like it’s a job or something. It gets a little less sincere when you’re trying to force something out. Typically what happens is I’ll go on tour, I’ll get so drained and so exhausted, and then I’ll get home and write an amazing song. We’re definitely writing for the album right now.

So you’re coming to play Lolla, and I’m based in Chicago–

Yeah I love Chicago!

So what are you looking forward to about Lolla and coming to Chicago in general? Are you sticking around at all?

I will be because I’m doing a Lolla set and then I’m doing an after show, and then I’m doing another show…I think it’s just acoustic. So I’m doing the acoustic show and then I’m opening up for Gang of Youths, they’re awesome and I’ve done a couple shows with them! Then I do the actual Lolla set, so I think I’ll be there for three or four days.

Did you check out the rest of the line up at all?

The line up is insane. So good. I’m pumped. There’s definitely people I want to see, but I’ll know in about a month and a half from now.

Anything else you’re looking forward to doing in the city while you’re there?

I love Chicago. I would 100 percent live there if it didn’t get so cold. It’s brutal. I’ve been there in the winter and it’s so brutal. But Nando’s, I love Nando’s and it’s one of the only states that has them. Au Cheval, the burger spot. It’s insane. I love food. I still haven’t been yet, but my buddy works at the restaurant called Alinea. It’s insanely expensive. I just love Chicago, I love the people there.

Also your Twitter can be really hilarious, and I saw the other day you posted about people DM-ing you selfies. So if anyone in the world were to DM you a selfie, who would you want to slide into those DMs? We can even do dead or alive.

I would say Johnny Cash. Cause not only would that be amazing to receive a selfie, it would also be hilarious just to see a selfie of Johnny Cash.

Yeah, those don’t exist. Then last thing, do you have any unknown facts or something that you’ve always wanted to talk about that no one has brought up yet in an interview?

That’s a hard one! I skate…nobody ever asks me about that! If you look at my Instagram or something everyone I follow is pro skaters. I never get starstruck and the only people I get starstruck by are pro skaters. Which is funny cause they’re usually the chillest dudes.

When did you get into skating?

When I was super young, around 7. I’m not like great. I was better when I was 16, but I still love it. Love the culture.

Anything else you’re looking forward to or any last closing comments?

Looking forward to getting this album done. We don’t know when it’s gonna come out. It’ll either be late this year or early next year. Then we’re gonna do a fall tour that I’m pumped about. We’re still figuring it out if it will be a headlining or support tour.


Chicago, if you’re not going to Lolla this year, you can still catch Maeson at his aftershow–snag those tickets here.

This article was originally posted on ANCHR Magazine

New Vinyl Releases 7/6/18

  • A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant (Limited Edition 2 Lp 180gram  Blue & Red Vinyl)
  • Anemone – Baby Only You & I (Limited Opaque White Vinyl)
  • The Bamboos – Night Time People
  • The Beatles – Yellow Submarine (7″ Limited Edition Picture Disc)
  • Chuck Berry – After School Session (180gram Audiophile Reissue on Translucent Blue Vinyl)
  • Bodega – Endless Scroll (Indie Exclusive on Teal Vinyl)
  • Dave Catching (Eagles Of Death Metal) – Shared Hallucinations Pt. 1: Sonic Salutations From The Venerable Vaults of Rancho de la Luna 1972-1984 (Deluxe Reissue on Clear with Green and Orange Splatter Vinyl, Limited to 500)
  • Claptone – Fantast
  • Brent Cowles – How To Be Okay Alone
  • Erasure – World By Live (3 Lp)
  • Vince Guaraldi – Oh Good Grief! (50th Anniversary Reissue on Translucent Red Vinyl)
  • Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods (White Vinyl, Limited to 2500)
  • Johnny Marr – Call The Comet (‘Indie Exclusive’ on Purple Vinyl)
  • MNDSGN – Snax
  • Mobb Deep – Juvenile Hell (1993) (25th Anniversary
  • Elvis Presley – NBC TV Special (1968) (180gram Audiophile Reissue on Red Vinyl)
  • Tiger Army – Dark Paradise EP (7″ ‘Blue Hawaiian’ Colored Vinyl, Limited to 1500)
  • RP Boo – I’ll Tell You What!
  • Sleepy Zuhoski – Better Haze
  • Sofi Tukker – Treehouse
  • Surf Curse – Sad Boys EP (Limited Edition on Blue Vinyl)
  • Surf Curse – Buds (Limited Edition on Blue Vinyl)


  • OCS (Thee Oh Sees) – Memory Of A Cut Off Head
  • Thee Oh Sees – Orc
  • Various Artists – Burger World Germany (Burger Records Comp)

Get To Know: Naked Giants

2018 has already been a whirlwind for the Seattle trio Naked GiantsBetween releasing their debut album, touring Europe with Car Seat Headrest, and playing new cities for the first time, it’s certainly been a year of career landmarks, and things aren’t slowing down for the band any time soon.

Back in May, the group played Chicago for the first time, packing Schubas Tavern on a Saturday night. Just as the audience warmly welcomed Naked Giants to their city, the band made sure everyone in the crowd had a great time by periodically checking in to make sure everyone felt comfortable, promoting a completely safe space at their show.

Before the show began that night, I had a chat with the band, talking everything from movie soundtracks, their bucket lists, starting a New West Records super group, and their proactive songwriting habits. For all that and more, get to know Naked Giants now.

Naked Giants is Gianni Aiello, Grant Mullen, and Henry LaVallee


The three members of Naked Giants all remember getting into music at different ages, but there’s a common thread in all of their introductions to music. Gianni Aiello says he remembers laying in his dad’s bed with a green iPod listening to “Human” by The Killers, but adds “Before that I really liked the SpongeBob Movie soundtrack. That had some tunes on it. When I look back on it, it’s like Flaming Lips, Ween, Avril Lavigne, Wilco… It’s a pretty cool soundtrack.”

Drummer Henry LaVallee also had early memories of movie scores. “I remember this movie called Bedknobs and Broomsticks, with Angela Lansbury,” LaVallee says, animatedly describing the film. “It’s like an old Disney movie from the 70’s, it took place in Britain during World War II. It was like a musical, but it was one of those trippy ones where the first act is all humans, and then at the start of the second act, they go into a cartoon world. So these humans are interacting with—it’s like Roger Rabbit. Then they get out of this cartoon world, but it follows this Medieval story book and it’s a really good movie honestly. These kids are orphaned from the war and then Angela Lansbury is like a witch and she takes them in.” Aiello interjects at one point to ask if it’s like Nanny McPhee, and LaVallee continues, “Little bit, little bit. Then the kids don’t believe in magic and they think Angela sucks, but then she’s actually badass. They also all sing together. And Angela doesn’t like the kids either, she’s forced to have them, but then they’re all really chummy by the end of it and they fight off the Nazis with magic at the very end and it’s really cool. But the music in that [inspired me]. So we used to watch that, it was a great summertime movie. Or Meatballs with Bill Murray and the songs in that!”

As for guitarist Grant Mullen’s first musical memories, he recalls having a tiny Casio keyboard. “They’re really small and they sound really weird. I just remember playing really scary music, cause you know it’s really easy to play music like that when you have no idea what you’re doing. I was probably 4 or 5 when my parents got me that.”


SXSW usually does quite the number on bands with schedules involving multiple shows a day all around town, but Naked Giants hasn’t let that madness deter them from returning to Austin for the last three years in March. However, they all agree that this year had been the best by far, confirming that the third time really is a charm. “It was better in every way. We played better shows on average, there were people at the shows. We got to stay with our friends Ron Gallo. We had some good connections. We made some friends…The Do512 people who are all super nice. We’re actually gonna see one of them in New York cause their other coworkers [DoNYC] are there. Just in general it was a good vibe. Just like the flow and all of that,” Aiello said.

Mullen mentions that the group got to see their label-mate Caroline Rose for the first time at this past SXSW. “Meeting her was kind of like meeting a cousin. It was like oh, we’re probably gonna get along. You know? It weirdly reminded me of that. And we totally did, I thought,” LaVallee added.


Speaking of New West Records label-mates, if you’ve ever seen some of the label’s artists like Naked Giants, Caroline Rose, and Ron Gallo perform live, you might have realized that they all have an unforgettable stage presence. Well, Naked Giants has also recognized that trait about themselves and their extended record label family too. “I realized after seeing Caroline, and after touring with Ron, that New West Records–what they really love is gimmicks. We have the whole smorgasbord of everything we do on stage. Ron’s got the whole trumpet thing and playing a guitar with a skateboard or whatever. Caroline and her band have the outfits and the end of her show where she pulls out the recorder. So New West wants something that people will remember,” Aiello says. Mullen interjects to say, “People that don’t take themselves too seriously.” Aiello continues, “Exactly, that. So I had this dream of forming a super group of all 3 of our bands. I don’t know what the music would sound like…”

While they may have no idea what it will sound like, they do have some idea of the band name, and how it could work. “What if the name was Mick and the Gimme Gimmes?” LaVallee suggests. “That’s good, gimme more! There’s this band called Superorganism and they’re like a collective thing, but they would send music across different countries. Like one of them lived in England and one of them lived in Greenland, I don’t know if anyone lives in Greenland… But I would imagine it would be something like that [where we send music to each other],” Aiello ponders about the structure of the group.


Speaking of memorable stage presence, the members of Naked Giants always seem to give 200 percent of their energy whenever they perform. So whose stage presence do they admire the most? “Freddie Mercury,” LaVallee says, adding that he tries his best to be the “Freddie Mercury of the drum kit.”

“I was just talking to somebody yesterday about The Lemon Twigs,” Aiello says. “I haven’t seen them live yet, but I’ve seen videos and that one kid’s got some really good kicks. So I started doing kicks after I saw that.”

Mullen adds, “I don’t think I’ve ever admitted this, but now that I think about it, early White Stripes, Jack White stage presence. Cause he just you know, looked so almost like, he had mixed emotions while he was playing. He didn’t want the crowd to even look at him. Cause he didn’t like being there, but he really wanted to tell them something really important. Which was I’m a white guy singing the blues. Something about that, like he has this weird vibe that I remember thinking was really cool when I would watch them play. Now when I watch modern Jack White, I still like him, but it comes off as a little pretentious doing it twenty years.”

Aiello also mentions that the group caught [Thee] Oh Sees’ set at Sasquatch festival and realized that’s where Grant gets all his stuff.  “[John Dwyer] looks like a lizard man too, but he surprisingly doesn’t move that much. He just does weird little gimmicks, like spits in the air and catches it in his mouth. Something I also steal from him is the mouth around the microphone. He really throats that thing,” Mullen says. If you still have yet to see Naked Giants live, you can get a glimpse of their energetic stage presence from the photos below of their Schubas show.


Naked Giants’ debut album just came out in March this year, but despite their busy touring schedule, the band has already started working on new material. Rewinding back to the release of the first album, Mullen says, “It’s just good to get it out. So people can listen to twelve of our songs in a row now…. If they want to. They all sound pretty similar production wise…They’re all one package that you can experience our songs. Before everyone was like who is this band? Like I’ve heard of them, but they just have six songs on an EP, what’s the deal? And now we have an album.”

“The best response was a review on some online magazine, and it was a really nice review. They were like we really like this album, love all the tracks, and then they called the album Slush instead of Sluff,” Aiello chimes in. While the group were happy to finally get out a cohesive catalog of their music that’s been well received, rather than relishing in the debut, they’re eager to get out even more material. “We actually just recorded nine demos in the week and a half we had off between tours. One actual song that’s gonna hopefully be a single in the fall or something like that,” Aiello continues, highlighting the group’s work ethic.

Despite their eagerness to release new material, don’t get too excited for their sophomore album just yet; Mullen disclaimed they potentially have sixteen months of promoting and touring backing their first record. “It’s never a bad idea to just have the next one done,” Aiello says about their sophomore effort, mentioning that they’re only that proactive when it comes to making music.  “In all other areas of life we are [procrastinators]. We like to make albums.”


The trio has even gone as far as constructing a loose common theme throughout the new material. “It’s secret though,” Mullen says, but Aiello hints that their might be some clues in the last song of the first album. Going back to their love of film, the band admits they’re fans of putting easter eggs in their work, which is a common factor in movie and tv series. “Once all the albums are out, if you really like our band, you’ll be able to find all these things and nerd out about [the Easter eggs],” Mullen reveals. At this point, LaVallee pointed to an Alfred Hitchcock book under the green room coffee table, saying the book was a good hint to their future work without using any words. Elaborating on the connection of film and their music, Mullen adds, “I feel like a lot of times I get inspired by the feeling I get from watching a movie. If it’s very dark, I might be in that place for a while. I don’t do it consciously.”

The group also says they’ve tossed around the idea of a TV show for the band. “Like a Naked Giants TV show, we’re always thinking how to make that work. We might have to start it as a web series. Then for one of the future albums we have planned, we’re hoping to do a visual album.”


This year, Naked Giants got the opportunity to not only open for Car Seat Headrest, but to join Will Toledo’s live lineup during Car Seat’s set on the tour. The gig has certainly added to the band’s workload on tour, but it’s also given them the opportunity to cross a lot of places and goals off their bucket list. This year, Naked Giants has already toured Europe and performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon,  and they’ll be continuing on another double duty tour this fall in The States.

While the band is grateful for all the career-highlight opportunities they’ve had with Car Seat Headrest, they remain ambitious to achieve the same feats as Naked Giants too. This fall, they’ll be playing their first major conventional festival when they return to Austin for Austin City Limits. “We’re doing this whole thing with Car Seat Headrest, going to Europe….but ACL is the kind of first big step that’s just Naked Giants. I mean of course we’ve done SX and that kind of stuff, but there’s a huge difference when you start doing the festival circuits. Then that gives me hope for next year, maybe in the summer, we’ll start doing Coachella, Lollapalooza, etc…” Aiello says. They’re also keen to cross off all of the Seattle staples from their list, naming The Neptune and The Paramount Theatre as the ultimate goals.

Check out Naked Giants’ upcoming tour dates here (Chicago, they’ll be at The Riviera on September 7th), and order your own copy of Sluff here. 


This article was originally posted on ANCHR Magazine