Featured Local: TIM CURLEY, local music man and artist

Tim has played in a number of Chicago bands and music projects. Currently, he plays in Nowaday with Cole Johnson. The two also collaborate on commissioned and personal design work and website building. Tim’s website is:
2“I call this ‘Effort.’ It’s a 9×12 risograph print on tabloid paper (heavy3) of an iphone picture of a “digital collage” projected onto a curtain. The print has been scanned back into a digital image as a jpeg. Or png. I don’t remember. The intended effect was to blend the digital world with the tangible world. Beginning the process through a projection onto a somewhat gathered curtain is a way to create organic modulations, free of the computer’s helping hand. Using multiple mediums places me/you/(the)viewer in the middle of too much going on, making it difficult to figure out what the deal is. What’s the deal with this?” -T. Curely

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