New Vinyl Horoscopes (Feb 2017)


By: Raegan Bird

Aries (March 20 – April 19),

You’ve been riding a steady wave of luck this week after the lunar eclipse in fellow fire sign Leo. You’re the baby of the signs, representing a ton of child-like energy, check out the debut album of London O’Connor, O∆ (pronounced circle/triangle) on Pantone yellow vinyl. London’s self-written/ self-produced album guides you through his joys and frustrations of growing up. Plus the cover is shot by fellow young breakout artist Olivia Bee. Support today’s Youth!!!!

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

Your fourth House, representing your home and family, has been getting the majority of your energy this week. You may relate to the love Terrace Martin shows for his Los Angeles roots in his Velvet Portraits. While you may not be a Californian, this contemporary jazz/ R&B LP will warm up even the draft-iest of Chicago apartments.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)

The eclipse on the 10th brought priority to your third house, which rules communication and writing.

The third house is ruled by Gemini anyway so your natural inclination towards connecting with others is even more magnified. Seems like a pretty good time to use the 5×7 postcard that comes with the Daedelus LP from the Baker’s Dozen series to write your best buds! Perhaps share your recent adventures or rave about how accurate your music horoscopes have been! (sorry, leo moon… I need the validation) Complete with tasty instrumental tracks such as “Old Fashioned” and “Maple Bacon” that you can’t help but share.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)

You’re second house is prioritised this month meaning you could be making major bank! You could find that your extra hours at work have finally paid off this paycheck. Mars is also in your 10th house until March 9th, so soak up all the attention your reputation is causing. We just got in Queen’s Greatest Hits which is always a great celebratory album, Chill out a little and let Freddie Mercury tend to both your sensitive and party side. You may also want to check out the electronic album of Jlin, Dark Lotus, it’s the plant of your sign of course.

Leo (July 23- August 22)

Whew, you really got hit with a reality check this week didn’t you leo? The eclipse on Friday was in your sign giving you a major chance to self- actualize. The 10th also marked the release of Life & Livin it by Sinkane. This funk and soul filled album honors all the highs and lows of life. You’ll also love the bright yellow album in reference to the sun, your ruling planet. These next few weeks could have you changing up your plans to catch up to your growth, why not “feel new” alongside these great tracks?

Virgo (August 23-Sept 22)

Your hidden self, because of your 12th house, is shining with the effects of the full moon. This part of your chart typically reveals the workings of your inner mind, parts that you may not show to others. Now would be a great time to take that next step in tending to your mental health. Make some personal time for yourself Virgo, clear off some floor space and put on Kid Koala & Emiliana Torrini’s Music to Draw to: Satellite. The ambient pop and soothing synth will be sure to provide you and all your houseplants with some much needed revitalization.

Libra (September 22- October 22)

Still not coming down off that Valentine’s high Libra? This feeling should stick around for a while. Perhaps treat your S.O. with the sweet tape of Beach Slang, Here I Made This For You Mixtape vol. 2. It seems your 11th house is getting all the love under the past lunar eclipse. This house rules your dreams/wishes so some of your greatest desires could be coming to you this month. We’ve got Sleep’s new album The Clarity to provide you with what you need to accept what is coming to you. We also know that you’ve got a big weakness err… i mean strength for shopping, luckily we have both red, orange and white Vinyls stocked.

Scorpio (October 23- November 21)

New projects and potential raises, perhaps one you were not expecting, are in store for you! Also in store is Parquet Courts’s Captive Of The Sun. While you are technically a captive of Pluto and Mars your aggressive energy pairs well with this Brooklyn based rock band. Only 550 copies this press! Get it while it’s hot!

Sagittarius ( November 22- December 21)

Saturn, the planet of long term thinking, is complementing your ruling ninth house, making your philosophies feel stable and successful. Saturn alongside Uranus and the full moon created a grand trine (giant triangle in the sky) for you this month. You may want to join along with aries for their O∆ listen to celebrate but also pick up Chevelle’s This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In) to keep your philosophical nature grounded.

Capricorn (December 22- January 19)

Uranus played a major role in this Lunar eclipse, bringing you something unexpected and perhaps money related. This with Saturn, your ruling planet, and the moon are formed a trine that will bring nothing but good news to you. Saturn is a wise planet, a teacher of sorts which is what gives ya your well informed and mature persona. You deserve to get Drunk with Vic Chesnutt, overall his darkest album with hints of paranoia; It will speak to your suspicious nature but is fun enough to not bring you down.

Aquarius (January 20- February 18)

We’re making our way out of Aquarius season and it looks like Uranus brought you some much needed innovation! Perhaps check out the Australian metalcore album Horizons by Parkway Drive. You see ahead in a way that most of us may not, tell us what’s on the horizon!

Pisces (February 19- March 20)

You’ve been completely absorbed into your projects lately, and there’s nothing wrong with that! Get done what you need to while nodding along to the downtempo tracks of Drexciya in Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe. The duo was quite secret about their identity for a long time and because you rule the 12th house of the hidden, you may appreciate their decision behind this.