New Arrival: Phillip Lewin’s “Am I Really Here All Alone” Finally gets a Reissue


Phil Lewin’s homespun debut is a loner folk masterpiece; accidentally psychedelic, lit by heartbreak and timeless in its sadness and hope. – Jeff Conklin, WFMU

In his own words, today:

In 1967 I began my life in the student union of a university. In other words, I was in school. But, classes definitely took a back seat to people-watching and attempts at relationships. I would not say that I was particularly good at the latter, but I made a great observer. I even stayed near the school community for an extra year until an opportunity came up to move in with friends in Toronto, Canada, which turned out to be a pivotal opportunity for me.

I was once told that one should first write about one’s own experiences, then, expand to documenting the observed experiences of those around, and, finally write about what one imagines. Am I Really Here All Alone? encompasses all of the above. Something else I realized in writing lyrics is that sometimes it is good to be transparent about the meaning and others times, not so much. “Unusual Day” is an example of me being honest struggling to develop and maintain a relationship, but ultimately realizing it was not going to succeed. “Watercolours” documents a crushing experience, but is couched in metaphor. I hope that listeners will relate through their own experiences, and because my reality is implied, not specified, will not be limited to mine. “Sweet Georgia” is an example of me, as a writer, leaving my personal space. I think of it as an attempt to clone William Faulkner to Bobbie Gentry. “The Magic Within You” is actually a commission where I was asked to write a song for a benefit to be performed by Doug Henning, the groundbreaking stage magician and friend. I once heard John Prine complain that there was no point in writing a ‘train song’ because Steve Goodman had already written the perfect one with “City of New Orleans”. Naturally, I had to write “Back Home, To You”, my idea of a train song where I tried to capture the movement of the train in the rhythm of the guitar. As for the other six songs, to me, they all reflect realities, experienced, observed and imagined. Descartes said, “I think, therefore I am.” However my question is, “Am I Really Here All Alone?”

-Philip Lewin, 2017

Interested in purchasing the vinyl? Shuga Records has the 2017 Tompkins Square Reissue available on their website here.


New Vinyl 8/19/2016


  • Abbath – S/T – Limited Edition Gatefold on Opaque Yellow Vinyl (limited to 500)
  • Blood Orange – Freetown Sound
  • Boyz II Men – II “Respect The Classics” Reissue
  • Boyz II Men – Cooleyhighharmoney “Respect The Classics” Reissue
  • Brotherhood of Lizards – Lizardland
  • Carnifex – Slow Death – Beer-colored vinyl (limited to 500)
  • Sam Coomes (Quasi) – Bugger Me
  • The Color Morale – Desolate Divine – Limited Edition White w/Green Smear Vinyl
  • Dumb Numbers – II – Limited Edition Purple Vinyl
  • Explosions in The Sky / David Wingo – Manglehorn Original Soundtrack
  • Factory Floor – 25 25
  • Gorguts – Pleiades’ Dust – Clear Vinyl w/poster (limited to 500)
  • Myrkur – Mausoleum – Live Recording with Norwegian Girls Choir
  • Ritual Howls – Into the Water
  • OST – Yoha Horses – Limited Edition 10″ Pink Vinyl
  • Ryley Walker – Golden Sings That Have Been Sung – Limited Edition “Deep Cuts” 2LP on Pink Frost/Sea Foam Blue Vinyl or Standard versions available
  • Tobacco – Sweatbox Dynasty – Limited Edition Transparent Blue w/Beige Vinyl, Limited Cassette Tape and Standard Black Vinyl versions available
  • Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II – Limited Edition White Cassette Tape
  • Xiu Xiu – Plays The Music of Twin Peaks – 180gm White/Clear Vinyl

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Shuga Podcast: Hello Ocho

We’re kicking off an interview series!  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sitting down with artists, musicians, bands, etc. and talking to them about their art and what they do.

Last Friday, Hello Ocho joined me in my kitchen to talk about their tour, their forthcoming release In Portuguese and more.  If you haven’t listened to their 2014 release, head over to their bandcamp and give it a listen.  Tons of different sounds going on ranging from psych to folk to post-rock to you-name-it.  Click here to listen or swing by the shop and pick it up on vinyl!

We also talked about the making of their music video for Party on a Raincloud” which is below.  Quick NSFW warning for nudity, so maybe save it until you get home if that’s a worry.

They have a few more days on their tour, so if you can see them GO SEE THEM:

10/23 – Carbondale, IL @ Skihaus
10/24 – Nashville @ Stonefox
10/31 – Atlanta, GA @ Mammal Gallery